Involve your whole parish community!

The parish community is a great and wonderful thing. It has power to do good in the world and make great strides for communities. It is the strength of numbers and love that make the most difference. Bring that intensity and togetherness to the online world.

Using a services such as Websites by Bartleby a parish enables you to communicate and work together with professionals about the nature of the website and the delivery of its content. Furthermore, development with Websites by Bartleby allows for information updates, editing processes to enable full interaction with the needs of the parish community.

Websites by Bartleby uses WordPress to develop parish websites. WordPress is a straight forward, easy to use, made for consumer editing. We have put together a small tutorial manual which you can reference while making updates.

The key to a successful parish community website is the upkeep and constant delivery of content. What’s new? Events, stewardship, photo albums, religious content. These are the aspects of the parish and so they are aspects of a parish community website.

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