Digital Strategy includes having the right person as your Information Specialist.

Building a  website is not the end of your strategy…it is the beginning.
Your church community is active in fellowship and and so should your website. Not only should the website be informative and carry value it should engage the visitor to want to return and  that requires the ability to create great content. One of the necessary skills for your information specialist.

The Information Specialist
The ideal person to lead a digital transformation initiative needs entrepreneurial understanding of social media and social skills to write great copy and grow with minor setbacks. This position might overwhelm and easily discourage a faint-hearted volunteer or an easily intimidated person. A young candidate having some business development experience who encourages collaboration helps with the missionary aspect of the digital transformation and would be better suited for this position.

The Bulletin editor
Staffing positions or job descriptions may need adjustment or the creating of a new position. In practice, it’s unlikely a sweeping change is necessary. Ideally the web management should fall to the weekly bulletin editor’s responsibility since this is the central source for collecting ministry and community wide information. Even that may not be practical given the many responsibilities of current church staffers. Furthermore, every ministry head should have access to update their web posts to save time and repeated effort. Adding an Information Specialists could be installed opportunistically in most cases.

Once the right individual is tapped, he/she needs authority, which means a respected title or at least powerful executive sponsorship. That person must serve in a supporting, not leading role in digital transformation, regardless of whether internal or external resources are being tapped for the effort.

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