Choosing a Bulletin Service

The difference between a Bulletin Printing and Publishing Service

Bulletin Printing Service
There are 3 major bulletin companies that have been printing since the 1960s. Each print over 1500 bulletins from different offices located throughout the United States. They provide computer software and training to use templates in an assembly line approach to printing the bulletin.Bulletin-Publishing

The templates are pre-set and the bulletin editor must assemble and conform copy and art to fit on the page. Once the template is completed it is sent via the Internet to a print house where it is printed, folded and returned to the parish ready for distribution.

In a Modern Parish Time is a Commodity


Distraction during bulletin layout can be frustrating.

The cost to the Parish is free providing there are sufficient advertisers to support the cost of printing the bulletin. They do little in the preparation of the bulletin placing the burden of work on the bulletin editor to paste and cut to fit copy in the columns. There is access to art files but that too require search time and sizing to complete the bulletin ready to print.

Some of these services offer monetary incentives to the parish to offset the labor cost of preparing the bulletin. Often these incentives are very little in supporting a part-time staff member never mind a full-time staff member. A tempting offer but never enough money to offset any staffing expense.

Bulletin Publishing Service
In the 1980s a more modern way of bulletin services arrived. Bulletin Publishing Services are small firms that provide more than printing, folding and delivering bulletins to the parish ready for distribution. And the bulletin is free to the parish with sufficient sponsor support.

Local bulletin publishers provide the added service of assembling the bulletin. There is no time wasted making copy and graphics to fit on a page. There are no templates. A bulletin editor sends the bulletin publisher a word document with directions of art placement it is assembled by a staff of professional artists. Once it is assembled a proof is sent back to the editor. A personal rapport is developed between the bulletin editor and the professional artist with weekly emails and phone calls when necessary.

Bulletin publishing benefitsbulletin-printing-professional

  • The benefit is that the bulletin editor is relieved of time-consuming activity of finding art and sizing copy.
  • More time to edit the copy and provide meaningful headlines.
  • The personal contact between bulletin editor and a professional artist is equal to having a personal bulletin assistant on the church staff without the extra cost.
  • It is a personal bulletin service that can create the look of your bulletin to fit your parish community.
  • It allows any church staff member without extensive knowledge of computer software the ability to get the bulletin done during vacations or illness.

About the Author:Thomas Miner is the President of Bartleby Press, Austin. TX. Bartleby Press is an Austin printing company and website service.


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