3 Ideas to Improve your Bulletin!

1. Check In with your bulletin editor or pastor every month.
Besides the every week review of bulletin content, pastors/administrators take 15 minutes to visit with the person that actually edits the bulletin and ask her about your bulletin service. Bulletin editors; visit with your pastor about the bulletin. You both may be surprised at what you learn.

How much time does it take to put the bulletin together?
Is their bulletin time interrupted?
Do they have time to edit poorly written submissions?
Is there too much information inserted just to fill space?
Do you need to expand the bulletin?

2. Create more Room in Your bulletin to add art and pictures
Make your bulletin bright and cheery! Move essential information to your website. Fact is 80% of Catholics under the age of 30 uses the Internet. Are you facilitating your website to accommodate the vast resources of information for your parishioners?

More information can be stored archived and updated during the Liturgical year for easy access. Build a library of information on your website as a parish resource and easy access for bulletin articles. The bulletin and website should work together.

Add this in your bulletin: “We have made some formatting changes to the parish bulletin in an effort to become better stewards of our resources. Content you may find missing is available online.”

3. Change your Bulletin Cover
Liturgical Season Cover Changes is an obvious choice.
Not all Bulletin Services provide Liturgical Season Covers…if not, ask them. It all depends on the size of the service you are using. Large bulletin printers may provide only a one-look cover due to the number of bulletins they have to print every week while small bulletin publishers have more flexibility. Some small the publishers are proactive and offer a few selections or may provide you with a personalized cover. In any case changing the look of your bulletin cover will attract more readerships.

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